Return Policy

  1. Lemon Farm Online does not accept returns or exchanges unless the item is quality defective. You can return or exchange the product:
    • Fresh and frozen products within 3 days of the received date.
    • Dry goods within 7 days of the received date.
  2. Lemon Farm will deliver new products in exchange for the quality defects, missing item, incorrect item, lost and damaged shipment; or refund your purchase according to the conditions.
  3. Customers only return the product only when we require further inspections, and the company will be responsible for the return shipping charge. (The shipping charge receipt is required for the reimbursement.)
  4. We DO NOT accept online purchase returns/refunds at the store.

Refund Conditions

  1. The refund will be processed only for the purchase that cannot be fulfilled by Lemon Farm.
  2. The refund will be processed after we have received all the information needed from the customers.

Return Reasons

Return/ Refund Conditions

Exchange for new item

Item must be returned


Quality Defects

If required for further inspections

ONLY when there is no substitute product to fulfil the order


Expired Product/ Damaged Packaging

If required for further inspections

Missing Item, Incorrect Item Delivered

Lost and Damaged Shipment


Change of Mind

CANNOT be returned/ refunded

Exchange/ Return Process

  1. Create an exchange/return request through this form
  2. Submit the purchase information and attached images following the request topic.
  3. Await for the response through the email/ user account page
  4. Return the received item to Lemon Farm (if required). After we have received the return, the exchange item will be shipped, or the refund will be processed.
  5. The exchange/return process usually takes 7-10 working days.

Refund Process

Payment Method

Refund Method


Bank Transfer/ Counter Payment

Bank Transfer

7-14 Days 

after receive required information

Credit Card

Refund to Credit Card

30-45 Days

the issuing bank is responsible for the refund process.

Debit Card

Refund to Debit Card